At every one of Vermont’s high schools each fall, a student begins senior year with a head start on what’s next, the news that by virtue of holding their school’s highest academic distinction, they’ve earned a full-tuition Green & Gold Scholarship to the University of Vermont. This financial support is built on the generosity of the late Genevieve Patrick; part of her $9 million bequest, realized in 2000, created the foundation for the scholarship. More than four hundred Vermonters have since earned their UVM degrees on the strength of this support, many of them graduating to careers in their home state. In this issue, we catch up with several Green & Gold alumni and a current scholar.




Tapper grew up in Saxtons River, attending Vermont Academy on scholarship as a day student. Looking back, he says he wouldn’t be a forester today or, very likely, even living in Vermont, without the financial support and direction of the Green & Gold Scholarship. John Shane, emeriti faculty member, was a key influence on Tapper, who recalls Shane’s lectures for their direct style, wisdom, and lasting impact: “No slides, no PowerPoint, just a piece of chalk in his hand. He would talk to us and everybody was riveted. We used to call it ‘John Shane Explains the Mysteries of the Universe.’”

教学中,无论是在树木学它的成人教育课程,或与地主讨论,是攻丝机的工作的一部分,而巴蒂尔的例子还指导他的做法。机会“来证明什么好森林管理看起来像”是他生命中的强大的动力。 “我可以做让世界变得更美好,而我在我的工作,这是相当惊人的,业务”料员说。


Full disclosure, this is Abbey Rouleau’s second turn in Vermont Quarterly related to the Green & Gold Scholarship. Thirteen years ago, she was Abbey Lamos, a first-year nursing student featured in an ad for the UVM Fund—“Investing in UVM students is investing in Vermont’s future.”

Vermont’s future now Vermont’s present, Rouleau ’10 has just finished a Friday morning shift as a palliative care nurse practitioner at Central Vermont Medical Center in Berlin, sitting down in the lobby to discuss her career and reflect on her undergraduate years. Rouleau was a sophomore at Richford High School, the oldest of six kids in a family with deep roots in Franklin County, when she learned about the Green & Gold Scholarship. Her words in 2007 and 2019 are virtually identical: “When I realized what the scholarship could mean to me and to my family, I worked extra hard to become first in my class.”

In addition to the Green & Gold full tuition scholarship, Rouleau earned a Freeman Nursing Scholarship that covered her room and board, setting her on solid footing financially as she set out on the career in nursing she envisioned. Her interest in the field was initially sparked by helping care for her grandmother and, as she gained education and experience, she was particularly drawn to end-of-life care. A palliative care nurse at Central Vermont for the past six years, she recently completed her master’s online from Drexel University and became a consulting provider for palliative care in the same department.

“如果我们的团队可以使它很容易就能为患者及家属,我找了很多在履行的,”她说。 “如果患者更舒适或他们感觉像被听到了他们的价值观或我们正在帮助让他们回家,他们希望成为生命的尽头,我觉得我可以那一天离开工作岗位,并说,“好吧,我做了一个差异。”

缗钱和她的丈夫,贾森ROULEAU '05,用他自己的家庭深深扎根申博官网中心,现场刚刚从医院的路上与他们的两个年幼的女儿,利维娅和myah。如ROULEAU在申博官网州,2007年每季度报价关于她为家乡的爱,“我无法想象自己在其他地方。”

Jess Bullock in a law office library

杰斯·布洛克'12,律师,DINSE P.C.,伯灵顿


Expect a one-time college debater and current practicing attorney to be prepared. Sitting in Kestrel Coffee on lower Maple Street in Burlington, waiting on a late-afternoon appointment to discuss her college days and current career, Jess Bullock ’12 has sketched a timeline of key moments in her young life. “I appreciated the Green & Gold at the time,” she says. “But through the lens of somebody who is now twelve years past high school graduation, I can look back and see how being offered that scholarship was a catalyst for what came next, so many links in my life trace to that point.”
Though Bullock was involved and, clearly, strong academically as a student at Mill River Union High School, just outside of Rutland, she says she was still apprehensive about college. Receiving news of the Green & Gold as she entered senior year began to shift that perspective. “It felt like UVM put a vote of confidence in my abilities, the sense that I had a voice that was worth being developed,” she reflects.


布洛克和丈夫利亚姆·唐纳利'12,在家伯灵顿现在。之后两年的见习司法哈罗德·伊顿在申博官网最高法院,布洛克是工作在私人执业一年与律师事务所DINSE P.C.回归前,拉特兰明年秋天去追求第二个见习。

Leonard Bartenstein in the high school classroom where he teaches





巴滕施泰因找到了灵感和支持一批教师,包括LIA cravedi,珍妮弗·普鲁,并在他的中学教育课程艾伦·廷克勒和现场经验。既是顾问,英语教授,托尼·马吉斯特拉尔莱是另一个重要的影响。 “他很幽默,指导和敏锐的洞察力帮助重塑我对文学的角度来看,”巴滕施泰因还补充说,他们还有联系,“跟进文学的讨论,我们都不希望留下。”

For the past three years, Bartenstein has passed on that love for literature and writing as a teacher at Mount Saint Joseph Academy, his high school alma mater in Rutland. (Children of the seventies may be hearing a faint echo of the “Welcome Back, Kotter” theme right about now.) He acknowledges some initial apprehension at standing in front of classes in the same school where he was in a student’s seat not so long before, his teachers now his colleagues. But, appreciating the small classes and close community, he’s found a happy teaching home. This year, Bartenstein’s courses include American Literature, AP Literature & Composition, and religion classes for sophomores, in addition to supervising the staff creating MSJ’s yearbook.


Maria Noth standing on the bridge in downtown Montpelier

Mariah Noth ’17, Outreach and Communications Coordinator for the Vermont Farm & Forest Viability Program


不约而同地,新的大学生都敦促在,涉足潜水;玛丽亚诺斯'17可以表现出对采取这一建议的智慧。她紧张兮兮的教师谁影响和启发了她的丹贝克g'95 '07的名称;简kolodinsky;约什 - 法利,“他的生态经济学课程是根本性的变化;”凯利hamshaw '06 g'11,“一个重要的导师,这一天”;和d晚。布鲁克斯考恩,“同情的实施例”。出国留学和服务学习课程诺斯走上秘鲁,意大利和巴西。 “这些机会让我可以扩大我的知识和不同观点的了解,并把该回申博官网州。工作我今天做的是非常的那些经历,我从中学到了人们的影响“。

由大二,诺斯很清楚,她会发现,在社区发展和应用经济学学术家建在一个注重食品体系。 “UVM是一个美妙的和支持的地方,探索,而这个节目是我所有的激情相结合的外加版本,”她说。诺斯返回到校园,分享一个刚刚毕业,当前大学生的经历:“我个人的原则之一是始终给予回复,总是帮助人们不仅找到,但探索和他们的激情参与。我得到的支持,使我的区别,我想付了“。

After working as a community planner in the Mad River Valley, she moved to a new job last summer, outreach and communications coordinator for the Vermont Farm & Forest Viability Program, helping connect Vermont working lands businesses and citizens with expertise and advising to empower keystone entrepreneurs and strengthen the state’s rural communities.

诺斯,谁在尚普兰岛长大,从科尔切斯特高中毕业,是她的家乡,在这个地方,它的人民深深的信徒,其潜在的积极倡导者。 “申博官网州应该是地方的人来测试出并在可持续农业生产磨练自己的技能,”她说。 “我们有合适的土地基础。我们拥抱连接,协作,并有学习社区精神。齐心合力将增强过程,我们意识到:它是摆在我们面前展开。和我很高兴能成为申博官网州的这样一个充满激情和整个国家的同事关爱小组进步的一部分。”

Nursing student Ken Nguyen standing in the hallway outside the medical library, wearing a UVM green Bolder Society jacket.





不久后的经验,阮的父母,谁不说英语,请他帮忙在社会保障办公室讨论自己的未来,他意识到,他的父母都需要他的支持。阮家庭从越南移民到美国在2013年和关键的父母都没有资格获得政府的退休福利。 “在唤醒罗宾的淑女形象反射回我的脑海里。我的父母靠我的基本需求,”他说。 “以技能作为一名护士,我能为我的父母提供照顾和给予他们资金支持。”



Thomas Weaver & Janet Franz

UVM顶部55 公立大学